Today I’m going to give you a breathing technique to help you last longer. Sex can make you run out of your breath, right? It can make you breathless. Well, there are methods, which have been developed to help you last longer in bed and many of them have been proved to be of great help.

The excitement generated during sex can be overwhelming, and most men can run out of breath or have irregular breathing. That causes anxiety, and the anxiety is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation. So, controlling your breath can prevent a premature ejaculation.

Now another way to prevent an ejaculation is through antidepressant drugs. Those have to be prescribed by doctors, and it’s not an exactly effective method. Sure, it works, but you are only attacking the symptoms and not the cause.

So this breathing technique that I’m going to teach you is very easy to use if you’re experiencing premature ejaculation. If you’re not breathing properly during sex, you’ll encounter the same problems and become unable to perform well. And often the inadequacies can lead to embarrassment and hurt your ego. So breathing is a natural activity, and most people are not conscious about it. They are not conscious about how to breathe and how it affects your performance in bed.

Now this technique is not something that’s going to help you last longer instantly. It’s something you have to train. You have to consciously train to control your breathing. And practicing this breathing technique you need to relax and be at ease with your partner during sex. It’s really hard to relax if you’re overexcited, but you should try to keep calm, no matter how excited you are, when having sex. That way you should control the entry of air into your lungs, so you inhale slowly and continuously for about eight to ten seconds. Then you hold your breath for a short moment, and then you exhale slowly for seven to ten seconds. Continue with that controlled breathing throughout your sex, throughout you having sex and you will discover that you will have a better control of your urge.

The breathing technique should be practiced every time you make love until it becomes a habit. Once it’s a habit, it will turn you into a wonderful lover. There are some people, who doubt the effectiveness of this breathing technique or different breathing techniques to help guys last longer. And that’s because there are many known styles of doing these exercises. And actually all of them help in keeping the body relaxed. Men have always had the tendency to become overexcited during sex. You become tensed, you unconsciously hold your breath, and you have a premature ejaculation. You’ll be surprised to discover that simply deliver breathing just release the tension, it relieves the anxiety and makes you last longer in bed. You’ll be able to perform beyond your expectations and keep your partner very satisfied.

Now remember this: don’t get overexcited during sex and don’t hold your breath too long. Of course, it’ll make it look very weird, if you just have to gasp for air during sex. That’s not the point. Calm and steady breaths. And be sure to experiment. Not all techniques work for all people. Maybe you just need to breathe in for a couple of seconds, hold your breath for a very short time, and then exhale slowly. Maybe you need to exhale longer. Be sure to experiment, find the technique that’s right for you.

There are many different techniques you can use to last longer in bed. This breathing technique is just one of them. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you want to receive differently and other tips which can help you last longer. So be sure to head over to the blog if you don’t already join the newsletter and I’ll send you what you need to know.

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