After much debate and prayer I have decided to close our doors after 3 1/2 years of business. We gave it a shot without our original leader Ziva, and we had fun but it has just not been the same great quality that everyone has come to know and expect from us. I highly applaud the ladies (Kendra, Jaci, Jenna, Lauren, Hayden, Lindsay & Jessica) for all their hard work and efforts they put into the studio to try to keep it going after the studio lost Ziva. It was a valiant effort and they loved teaching you and your kids. We had a good run for the short time we were in business from 2007 until now. We will have one last class on Tuesday Nov 30th 2010 and then we will close our doors. If you have paid any tuition for December, it will be refunded to you immediately. For those of you seeking a new studio and worried about not being able to get into a studio, I have spoken with Lauren Walb the Director and owner of the School of Music and Dance and she has agreed to take your students there. Lauren is a well respected teacher in the community and her studio offers top quality dance education.Many of you have had Ms. Sami over the summer while we were on tour, and Sami came to us from the School of Music & Dance and she continues to teach there over the summers. I do not believe she offers adult classes at this time but you may always check with them. I want to thank everyone who has recently joined us and of course all of our dedicated parents who have stuck with us to try to make this studio work over the years. Your efforts were always noticed. It pains me greatly to close something that I have put so much time, work, energy, sweat, blood & tears in to. I truly wanted to be able to do this on our own, but I have always been a big believer in having an excellent product to sell and I don’t think that we currently have the ability to be able to offer what we used to. I have had conversations with several of you about this and I don’t think it is fair to keep charging you for a service that is constantly changing. Tomorrow we will open our doors one last time for classes and to say goodbye.

Belly Dancers – Although we will no longer function as a studio, Taya will still be teaching at the studio on her own and all payments for belly dancing classes will now go directly to her. All communications regarding her classes will have to be handled with her. Please obtain her contact info. You may also email her at

In conclusion: Thank you to all who stuck by me and supported me while I went through a difficult transition in my life. Thank you to those that prayed for me and my wife, for our health, our marriage and our studio.

I ask that you continue to dance, continue to share the joy of dance and may God bless you all. It was a great adventure we have all had together and it was all thanks to you.


Chad Gibbs