My name is Taya. I am from Ukraine. I came to USA in July 2009.

I teach Belly dance class at the former Ziva & Company Dance Studio Ministries located inside the lower loevel of Lohrs Memorial United Methodist Church. I like dancing since I was a child. I’ve taken choreography when I was a little girl. I’ve danced Hip-Hop & Jazz in teen age years. I’ve taken Belly dance classes with different teachers since 2006 and I have a good dance technique. I’ve been a member of some groups.  I’ve received some awards from competitions in a group in Ukraine. I want to make my favorite hobby – dancing – my profession.

I love Belly dance! It is fanny, alive, frank but mysterious, and enigmatic at the same time. I am interested in oriental culture and respect it. I’ve been in Egypt and Turkey and I’ve seen the ancient ruins and Pyramids. They are magnetic!

Also I love the Sun, the Sea and the Life!