Self-confidence in men is always varied according to what they feel and what they look like. Most of the time, the thing that actually affects a man’s confidence is the size of their penis. Guys who have a smaller size of penis tend to lack in confidence than the ones who are endowed. For that reasons, people are using penis extender to gain penis size. From so many different products of penis extender, we have three different penis extender that can be considered functional. Here are three of the best penis extenders in the market that you should consider buying.

Vimax systems penis extender


You might know Vimax primarily in the form of pill or cream to enlarge penis size. Now, they also come with a device that can be categorized as a penis extender. Vimax extender comes in such a high-end design, and it looks rather expensive despite being cheap in pricing. You can have this product in your hand with just slightly under a hundred dollars. The product itself is intended to be used alongside with the pills and the patches.

During your use of pills and patches along with the extender, you will gain penis size significantly. The device has claimed to add both girth and length with an overall gain of three inches. These gains are of course true if you use the products routinely. Other than adding penis size, it also improves the quality of your sex life through the better climax.

The Euro Extender for your penis


Euro Extender is another penis extender device that is considered working by many people. Unlike the previous ones, you might not have heard of this one, yet it is not a reason to back out from this products. Euro Extender has been known to increase the size of your penis around two and three inches and also your quality of manhood altogether. The aim of the device is not just to add girth and length but also the harder and firmer erection.

The Euro Extender is not just one device but also includes pills and exercise guide. If you buy the whole package of the penis extender, you have to pay around two hundred dollars. For the extender only, it will only cost ninety-nine dollars.

Size Genetics


Our final products can be considered the ultimate penis extender. The product has been on the market for around twenty years. An even medical expert would advise you to purchase this brand if you want a penis extender. They claim to produce real results by posting real before and after picture. Just like the others, it comes with instruction and the device itself.

The device is very comfortable to use with fifty-eight different ways of using it. During the extending process, it is necessary for you to use it about four hours per day for around two months. The pricing itself is a lot more expensive that the previous two. For a package of it, you will have to purchase it around two hundred dollars.